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Website for photographer Danielle Saudino

I Ride the Harlem Line

I Ride the Harlem Line is my blog, also known as my second job. I’ve been blogging here for over three years, writing about history, and posting hundreds of photos. My current goal with the site is to post about every Metro-North station – containing photographs (including at least one panorama for every station), and a brief historical synopsis. This lofty goal should be completed by the end of 2012. At the time of writing, I have photographed 95 stations on the Harlem, New Haven, Pascack Valley, and Port Jervis Lines. You can visit the blog here.

X100 Mini Site

Mini site for the X100 camera.

Instax Mini Site

Mini site for a promotion for the Instax instant camera, purchasers would receive a free Skin-it to decorate their camera. Built in flash, viewable online here.

278 Class Page

For an advanced webdesign class I took several years ago, each student was expected to keep and maintain their own web page related to the course, with all work completed in the course. I changed my site several times over the semester, and this was my favorite design out of all of them. It was made to resemble a subway map, stylistically drawing from the DC Metro map, and functionally (colors, route names) from the NYC subway system. If overlaid on a map of the UConn campus, the fictional routes depict how I get around campus and where I go. Black dots are real-life stops made by campus buses. Larger “hubs” are my most frequented places on campus: my dorm, where I work, where I have class, and where I eat.