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Infographics & Maps

Pac Man Transit Maps

Decorative transit “maps” inspired by the classic video game Pac Man. White dots inside the colored lines represent actual station stops along those lines.

Hiawatha Line Map

Horizontal-oriented map of the Hiawatha Line light rail system in Minneapolis.

West-of-Hudson Service Maps

Two maps of Metro-North’s West-of-Hudson service area for my site iRideTheHarlemLine.com. One is a geographic representation of the line, and what the line was historically, the other is more of a diagram based upon ridership statistics.

Harlem Line by Ridership

A ridership map of the Harlem Line, based on 2007 station statistics. The larger the station name, the more people commute from that station along the line.


SmartCat is an online repository of historical artifacts of the New York and Harlem Railroad, or as it is known today, the Harlem Line. This is a more user-friendly graphical interface for accessing the cataloged artifacts.

Infographic: The Vanderbilts

Infographic created for my blog, IRideTheHarlemLine.com. Cornelius Vanderbilt was the mastermind behind the New York Central Lines and the original Grand Central Depot, though most people know little about him. Confusion in the media over which Vanderbilt was the original (I read an article claiming that Gloria Vanderbilt’s grandfather was the railroad founder, her grandfather was Cornelius II, the grandson of the elder Cornelius Vanderbilt) led me to create this infographic.

Infographic: 180 Years

Infographic created for my blog, IRideTheHarlemLine.com, on the 180th birthday of the New York & Harlem Railroad. Much of the early history of the railroad is unknown, despite the fact that it was the first railroad in New York City, and one of the earliest street railroads in the world. Several years before steam engines came to the line, the first train cars were pulled by horses.